Koncha Pinós

Koncha Pinós-Pey is a Doctor of International Politics in Central Asia (women and etnic minorities) .Master in Islam and Islamic Culture at Toledo’s University (Spain).). Master in Clinical Interventions in Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness (suicide and major depression in teenagers in Torino’s University (Italy Master in Multiple Intelligences in early age at Harvard University (Multiple Intelligences Institute (USA). Neurosicence of Compassion and Altruism- CCT Teacher- Stanford University- CCT (USA). Cognitive Based Compassion Training Teacher- CBCT – Emory University- (USA). Director of the Master of Contemplative Psychotherapy of Nalanda, in spanish version. Founder of Estudios Contemplativos. Director in UNESCO, Institute of Competences in the XXI Century, 2015-2030. Today she is collaborating promoting the wellbeing in global institutions with Dr. Richard J. Davidson, actively all over the World.

Has worked for more than 20 years in International Organizations service (European Union, European Social Fund, UNIFEM in the peace politics, cooperation and conflict resolution areas. Her most prominent cases in the peace area have been: Yaser Arafat-Iztazk Rabi ( Madrid Peace Talk- previous to Oslo Agreements) Korea, Tibet, Burma or Sri Lanka, peace meetings. Has been distinguished with many prizes: UNESCO for the protection of children in Europe (2005), Heroes Prize for Human Rights in Europe by European Union (2007), Distinguished as  human rights and politics relator in countries like Afganistan, Sahara, Iraq, Palestine, Israel in refugees,  women and children human rights protection area, working for peace process and reconciliation.

Has been a teacher and lecture in many  international Universities (Barcelona, Madrid, Veracruz, Mexico CD, Lisbon, Aman, Seoul, Karmandú, Torino), invited teacher and researcher in neuroscience, intelligences, and social application and intervention areas. Director and founder of two Masters in the Camilo Jose Cela University in Madrid (neuropsychology applied to the childhood and adolescence). Director of Nalanda Comtemplative Psychotherapy Master in Europe and South America. .

From 2010 her work has been directed to the use of the social cognitive neuroscience as a politic action and transformation instrument. Researched in the intelligence and talent area as a transformative element in the societies with individuals with neurodiversity who are in a social exclusion risk. Founder of Estudios Contemplativos (organization oriented to the development of neuroscience in different areas). She is the director of UNESO division of the Competences in the 21st Century in Education

Now she is very involved in a global research about Neurosciencie and Wellbeing in Institutions, with neuroscientific Dr. Richard. J. Davidson , and how that can create more democracy and peace all over the World. She teaches in many institutions and organizations in the health and well-being areas, and also in psychiatry (hospitals, public and private health). Writer of numerous articles and books in politics, multiple intelligences and neuropsychology applied to the diversity. Promoting how the people well-being in organizations and in the different countries can produce not only more happiness, but less poverty, less conflict and more mental and psychic health.

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